Yonago and Sakaiminato

Located in Tottori Prefecture, between Lake Nakaumi and the Sea of Japan, these are two cities with personality. The “Little Osaka of the San-in Region”, Yonago City is a transportation and commercial hub that you are likely to pass through when visiting the area. There are also well known coastal onsen here. Sakaiminato City is flourishing with overseas trade. The port of Sakai is a very important port located at the northern end of Yumigahama Peninsula.

Downtown Yonago – 米子中心

From Yonago station, you can go for a stroll around the city centre and visit places such as the San-in History Museum, the temple area of Teramachi or Yonago castle ruins nearby.

Located on top of a mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view from the site of the ruins, including a view of Mt. Daisen and the eastern part of Shimane Peninsula stretching beyond Lake Nakaumi.

Kaike Onsen – 皆生温泉

Located by a white sandy beach with green pine trees, Kaike Onsen is a hot spring resort facing the Sea of Japan.

There is also an onsen facility available to guests who are not staying the night.

The beach has been selected as one of the best swimming beaches in Japan, and it is accessible by bus from Yonago Station.

Mizuki Shigeru Road and Museum – 水木しげるロード・記念館

Born in Sakaiminato, Mizuki Shigeru is a manga artist well-known for works such as “GeGeGe no Kitaro” or “NonNonBa”. These manga introduce Japanese monsters and ghosts called Youkai.

Dedicated to his most famous characters, the road in his namesake is lined with over one hundred and fifty detailed bronze statues. It starts at Sakaiminato Station and leads to the Mizuki Shigeru Museum dedicated to the artist’s life, works, travels, and research.


JR Yonago Station is about 30 min from JR Matsue Station. From Yonago, you can reach JR Sakaiminato Station in 45 min by train.
Buses (Japanese), which also travel to Yuushien Garden, are available between Matsue and Sakaiminato (40 min). You can use the Enmusubi Perfect Ticket.
Note that the port of Sakaiminato has, like Matsue’s Shichirui port, maritime connections with the Oki Islands (see below). Sakaiminato also has boats going to South Korea (Donghae) and Russia (Vladivostok).

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