Yasugi City’s star attraction is the Adachi Museum of Art. It is ranked highly by international standards, and home to the best Japanese garden nationwide. On a completely different note, Yasugi is famous for its unique and humorous folk dance called Dojo-sukui. Yasugi is also home to the ruins of Gassan Toda Castle, which was used by the Horio clan as their main castle before they decided to build the castle-town of Matsue from scratch in 1607.

Adachi Museum of Art – 足立美術館

Accessible by free shuttle bus from Yasugi Station, Adachi Museum of Art features a collection of modern Japanese paintings – including the works of Taikan Yokoyama – and a beautiful Japanese garden which has been designated as Japan’s finest by the Journal of Japanese Gardening for eleven years running.

The gardens are viewed from the museum building, with different views framing the garden like different works of art. There is a discount for international visitors.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple – 清水寺

Meaning “the temple of pure water”, the Buddhist temple of Kiyomizu-dera boasts the only three-story pagoda in the San-in region. Furthermore, you can climb the pagoda to see the view of Lake Nakaumi and the mountains.

This temple is famous for its autumn foliage and for yokan sweets made with the temple’s pure water.

You can access it by bus from Yasugi Station or the nearby Adachi Museum of Art.

Yasugi-bushi Entertainment Hall – 安来節演芸館

This hall is where you can see live performances of local Yasugi-bushi folk song and dance. The unique and humorous Dojo-sukui dance is one of the most popular folk dances in Japan, so it is well worth a visit.

The dance features comical gestures mimicking scooping loaches out of the mud. You can settle for simply enjoying performances by watching, or even try your hand at the dance yourself! Discount for international visitors.


JR Yasugi Station is located in the East of Matsue, only 20 min away from JR Matsue Station.

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