Oki Islands

Located about 60 km off the Shimane Peninsula, the Oki Islands are comprised of the large island of Dogo and the three smaller islands of Dozen: Nishinoshima, Ama and Chibu. Boasting unique lifestyle and traditions, stunning landscapes and a complex ecosystem, the Oki Islands are part of the Global Geoparks Network. The island group is also part of the Daisen-Oki National Park.

Stunning nature – 美しい自然

Dogo Island is home to spectacular spots with giant Japanese Cedars and waterfalls, spectacular rock formations like Candle Island (a 20-meter-high rock standing in the sea that resembles a lit candle when the setting sun comes to rest on its summit) and much more.

The three other islands feature impressive cliffs and caverns such as the Kuniga Coast, grassy farmland where cows and horses graze, rocky coasts and views from places such as Mt. Akahage and Sekiheki Cliff.

Unique lifestyles and traditions – ユニークな文化

Being a remote archipelago, the Oki Islands have developed a culture different from the rest of Japan, such as Oki traditional sumo, unique architecture, festivals, rituals, and bull sumo, which were used to entertain exiled nobles and emperors. The Oki Islands also boast a food culture rich with marine products, famous for its Hiogi rainbow coloured scallops, Iwagaki rock oysters, squid, Sazae turban shells and much more! Oki Beef is also becoming very popular. Don’t forget to try some Oki Sake too!

Outdoor activities and guidance – 自然活動とガイダンス

You can also relax by the sea or take part in local art and craft activities, or you can get your thrills with hiking courses and water sports, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, wake boarding and snorkelling. If you wish to travel around the islands, you can rent a bicycle, take a sightseeing bus or boat tour (April – October), sightseeing taxi, or walk and explore. If you would like a guide, please contact the Oki Islands Global Geopark Office or Nishinoshima Tourism Association.


The Oki Islands can be reached by ferry from Shichirui Port or Sakaiminato Port, which are close to Matsue City centre. Shichirui and Sakaiminato are 45 min from JR Matsue Station by bus (schedule and fare in Japanese here). Slow ferries take around two and a half hours to reach the islands, but the fast ferry (Rainbow) takes just one hour. You can also access Oki Airport on Dogo Island from Osaka Itami Airport or Izumo Airport.

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