Enmusubi Perfect Ticket

The Enmusubi Perfect Ticket is a combination ticket which covers travel on buses and trains in the Matsue and Izumo areas for three-days for ¥2,000(plus discounts in 32 facilities).

Travel covered includes Izumo and Yonago airport buses, the Ichibata train line (JR lines not covered), Matsue City buses, Lake Line bus, Ichibata bus lines in Matsue and Izumo, and Ichibata bus to Sakaiminato.

The Enmusubi Perfect Ticket is sold at the following locations:
  • Izumo Tourist Information Office at Izumo JR Station
  • Ichibata Railway stations such as Shinjiko Onsen Station
  • Ichibata Travel Service ticket offices beside the Lawson convenience store at Matsue Station, beside Shinjiko Onsen station, and next to the Ichibata Hotel in Izumo.
  • Shimane Prefectural Products and Tourist Centre, across the road from Matsue Castle parking area.
  • Izumo Airport information counter
  • Yonago Airport information counter
  • Online "Discover Another Japan" app
What is enmusubi ?
Matsue is located in what was previously the Ancient Province of Izumo, also referred to as the Land of the Gods. Once a year 8 million gods from around Japan are said to gather here to decide people’s fate (en 縁), and who they will connect with (musubi 結び) over the following year.