All bus lines can be boarded at JR Matsue Station’s bus terminal.

Lake Line Bus

Lake Line buses are perfect for visiting tourists, as they run a circular route (50 minutes in total) stopping at all the major attractions throughout the day at intervals of about 30 minutes. A single fare is ¥210 for adults and ¥110 for children and an all-day ticket, allowing you to hop on and off as many times as you like in one day, costs ¥520 for adults and ¥260 for children. This bus is easy to spot, thanks to its bright red retro style!

Matsue City Bus and Ichibata Bus

For destinations not served by the Lake Line bus, you can use the regular city buses. There are two companies operating routes throughout Matsue and its outskirts.

How to use the bus?
When boarding the bus, enter through the rear door, take a white numbered ticket and take a seat. When the bus reaches your stop, press the button to alert the driver that you wish to get off, and place your money and ticket into the box by the driver’s seat as you exit the bus. The fare due will be shown on a board at the front of the bus, with the fare changing according to the length of your ride. The fare to be paid will be shown below your ticket number on the board.