F)Matsue Goodwill Guide

*The Matsue Goodwill Guide are a voluntary group who offer guided tours in English of Matsue Castle, the surrounding area, and even Izumo Taisha and Iwami Silver Mines. These guides are free of charge, except where transportation costs are incurred. For tours of the castle, there is always a guide present inside the castle grounds (March to November) on weekends from 10:00 to 16:00, but in order to ensure the guides availability, please make a reservation. Guides of other areas also require advance reservations.

Please make your reservation by e-mail, or if you need phone support, please call the Matsue International Tourism Information Office.

Phone  0852-21-4034  (Matsue International Tourism Information Office)
Japanese website  https://www.kankou-matsue.jp/machiaruki/course 

*Shimane Interpreter-Guide Association (SIGA) offer guided tours at ¥4,000 per hour. Make reservations by telephone at 0852-61-1081, or e-mail to .

*For a guided tour in the Yakumo Tatsu Fudoki-no-Oka area (south of Matsue), contact the Resource Centre at 0852-23-2485 to make a reservation.