Yaegaki Shrine – 八重垣神社

This shrine, dedicated to the gods Susanoo and Inata-hime, is thought to be the place where the first wedding in Japan was celebrated. It is hence a popular spot for people looking for En-musubi, the divine matchmaking force that binds people together. It is particularly popular for people seeking marriage partners, children, and health for their families.

Yaegaki Shrine appears in the famous legend of the Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed giant serpent which was slain by Susanoo. Susanoo and his new bride, Inata-hime, were married at this shrine and it has therefore come to be known as the shrine of happy marriages. In the shrine grounds you can find the Mirror Pond, which Inata-hime used as a mirror. There is a custom of placing a coin on a piece of paper and floating it on the surface of the pond. The length of time the paper takes to sink is said to signify how soon you will meet your soul mate.

The special Japanese papers used for the Mirror Pond fortune telling can be purchased at the shrine office ¥100. Also, you can visit the Treasure House of the shrine which features a painting of Susanoo and Inata-hime, an Important National Cultural Asset (¥200 for adults, ¥100 for children).

Access Yaegaki Shrine is located 6km south of JR Matsue Station. From the station, take a City Bus (Line 63, platform 4) and get off at “Yaegaki Jinja” bus stop (¥250, total of 18min).