Tamatsukuri Onsen Summer Festival – 玉造温泉夏まつり

Held in Tamatsukuri Onsen, this annual summer festival consists of daily stage events and food stands. The stages are outside surrounding the Tamayu River, and performances range from music concerts to traditional dances, like Yasugi-bushi.

Shirakata Tenmangu Festival - 白潟天満宮夏祭り

Every year on the 24th and 25th of July

Also named Tenjin-san Festival, it has been running for more than 400 years. The god of the Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine is transferred to a portable shrine (Omikoshi) which is carried to Matsue Castle and then back, along with a procession of accompanying shrines.
On the 24th, a large number of portable shrines are carried by enthusiastic local volunteers and event sponsors. This is the most exciting day of the festival and every year a huge crowd gathers in the path.
On the 25th, the main shrine is carried by Shirakata Tenmangu's priests and worshippers while smaller shrines are carried by local children.


It is easy to volunteer to help carry a shrine, which is a very memorable experience. Or, if you'd rather just watch and enjoy the festival atmosphere, you can enjoy with a large selection of traditional summer festival foods such as takoyaki or kakigoori.

Access : https://fr.visit-matsue.com/discover/city_centre/south_side

Ink Festival (Katae no Sumitsuke Tondo) - 片江の墨つけとんど

The first Sunday (after the 6th) of every January and the fourth Sunday of every July.

Haven't we always dreamed of drawing on our friends' face with ink? It's time to realize your childhood dream!
Twice a year (for more than 250 years !), the people of Mihonoseki Harbour and some adventurous tourists gather in the harbour and go back home the face covered by Chinese ink blended with water and traditionally applied using slices of daikon radish.
Some participants also help carry a god between local shrines. It is carried quite a distance in the water of the port in both summer and winter!

As Mihonoseki is a port city, it is said that the ink applied on your face wil protect you from illnesses and shipwrecks for one year! Any volunteers?

Access to Mihonoseki : Mihonoseki Harbour

More infromation : https://www.mihonoseki-kankou.jp/sinji/sinji_sumitsukedonto/ (en japonais)