Flowers of Matsue – 花暦

Camellia (tsubaki)
early February ~ late May
Everywhere throughout the city.
Japanese Plum (ume)
mid-February ~ late April
Matsue Castle
Cherry trees (sakura)
late-March ~ early April
See our Special Hanami above
Peony (botan)
mid-April ~ early May
Daikonshima Island
Azalea (tsutsuji)
late April ~ early May
Mihonoseki Harbour
(Gohonmatsu Park)
Wisteria (fuji)
late April ~ early May
Horikawa Sightseeing Boat
Iris (ayame/kakitsubata/shobu)
early May ~ Mid-May
Horikawa Sightseeing Boat
Hydrangea (ajisai)
mid-June ~ early July
Gessho-ji Temple
Sasanqua (sazanka)
late October ~ late January
Winter Peony (kanbotan)
Yuushien Garden
Matsue is blooming with beautiful flowers all year round. You can enjoy them in the city centre or in the major gardens of Matsue: Yuushien Garden and Matsue Vogel Park. The two flower-symbols of Matsue are the camellia and the peony. See our Facebook Photo Album for more info and pictures.