Matsue Suigosai Fireworks Festival – 松江水郷祭

One of the biggest events in the City of Water, Matsue Suigosai is held in the city centre by Lake Shinji's shore. Many people wearing yukata and jinbei will enjoy the surface of the lake lit up by thousands of fireworks, while dance events and other performances are held on stage by Matsue City Hall. There are also many food stalls.

Floating Lantern Ceremony (Toro-nagashi) – 灯篭流し

Every year on August 16th

Paper lanterns are sent floating down Ohashi River, Matsue's main river, symbolising the ancestral spirits' return to the world of the dead. This Buddhist ceremony marks the end of Obon, when the spirits of ancestors are said to revisit household altars. Many people come and watch the ceremony from Matsue Ohashi Bridge and surrounding riverbanks.