By highway bus

Highway buses can be a reasonable option when travelling to Matsue.
Highway buses connect Matsue and Tokyo (night bus only), Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Okayama, Kobe, and Nagoya (night bus only).

  • Departing from Tokyo (12 hours): 1 overnight bus operated daily by Ichibata Bus and Chugoku JR Bus.
  • Departing from Kyoto (5 hours): Ichibata Bus, Kyoto Bus, Chugoku JR Bus and JR Bus Nishinihon operate a total of four round trips (incl. 1 overnight).
  • Departing from Osaka (4.5 hours): Ichibata Bus, Hankyu Bus and Chugoku JR Bus operate a total of eight round trips (incl. 1 overnight)
  • Departing from Okayama (Approx. 3 hours): Ichibata Bus and Chugoku JR Bus operate a total of seven round trips.
  • Departing from Hiroshima (Approx. 3 hours): Ichibata Bus operates a total of eighteen round trips.
Purchase seats / Contact
When purchasing highway bus tickets, each bus company or route carries out its own seat sales. By using the information that we provide here as a reference, please contact each bus company information centre (operators noted above) for further information. Tickets are also available at major bus terminals.